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Mikko Kauppinen, Village Chief, Health Innovation Village & Energy Village, Finland

Mikko is the Creator of Health Innovation Village and Energy Village - a startup
ecosystem and open innovation platforms around GE Healthcare and GE Energy
businesses. Previously CFO of GE Healthcare Finland.  Prior to GE in various
finance roles around the world at Nokia, Boston Scientific and Dow Chemical.Mikko Kauppinen created Health Innovation Village concept in 2014 to
foster growth of the digital health ecosystem in Finland and make it the
hotspot for digital health startups from allover the world. The purpose was
also to change the culture of GE to be more open and work closer with
startup companies. Idea was to gain mutual trust and work towards a common
goal ­ transformation of healthcare. Health Innovation Village is a
co-working digital health ecosystem hub at GE Healthcare campus in downtown
Helsinki. The Village concept has been a success with over 35 startup companies
currently housed in Health Innovation Village. Recently Mikko helped GE to
open a second Village focused on Energy startups also at the GE campus in
Helsinki which houses already almost 10 energy startups. Mikko¹s vision is to create a sustainable, successful, truly global startup ecosystem around digital health, and centered on health tech domain knowledge and expertise rather than general business coaching.