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Jovin Hurry, Strategist, GOInternational, Mauritius

Jovin enjoys working with decision makers of small and medium enterprises to get them to think through their strategies on business and sustainability, for them to stay competitively relevant in their fragmented landscapes. He shares best sustainability practices across geographies and industries. He specifically helps partners identify the most important issues among many; visualise business model innovations; see patterns and interrelationships; re-frame problems; and finally helps in the execution phase to get things done. Jovin is a member of the International Jury for the SWITCH Africa Green SEED Awards, where SEED is a global partnership for promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development, founded by the UNEP, UNDP and IUCN. Currently as the Deputy Director of GOInternational Finland, he advises on strategic business growth into international markets. Originally from Mauritius, Jovin has also lived and worked in several countries. He writes and speaks about sustainability, strategy and entrepreneurship in Africa, Asia and Europe.