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Hannamaija Fontell, Director, Business Development and R&D, Biolan Ltd, Finland

Hannamaija is working as Director of Business Development and R&D in a Finnish company Biolan Ltd, expert in biomaterial recycling, sustainable agriculture and ecological sanitation. In her position, she is the key person in such projects, where traditional sales is still somewhere in the future. Usually co-operation projects of Biolan Ltd with NGOs in developing markets are her responsibility. As Ms Fontell has a long background in international sales and marketing from diagnostics and health care industry, it is natural for her to focus on sanitation issues in the NGO co-operation. Biolan Ltd has been the industry partner of Unicef Finland in UniWASH–project focusing on improving the sanitation in the schools in Northern Uganda. In this project Ms Fontell has been training the Ugandan SME owners and employees about sanitation as a business possibility and the product development process of new innovations and services for this sector.